Officials respect witchcraft, god pass communism - China Minister

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Image example President Xi Jinping ''war on corruption" don land plenty senior officials for jail

One senior minister for China don talk say some top China government officials dey practise witchcraft.

Chen Xi still add say other officials dey follow gurus, some get mind for democracy instead of di Communist Party and dis kain belief na danger for di party.

For China, people fit follow any religion wey dem, like including Christianity and Islam.

But e dey normal for China communist party members to comot mind for religion because di party don ban members to dey follow prophets because dem feel say religion na fake thing.

As things dey for China, President Xi Jinping "war" on corruption don land plenty officials inside jail and authorities don accuse some of dem, say dem dey follow religion.

Whenever di party dey try connect disgraced official to religion, many people go feel say na part of plan to spoil di name of di person wey dey involved.

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Image example Ministry of Propaganda Director Zhang Xiaochuan (L) and im younger brother Zhang Tiansheng dey for corruption trial for Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

Chen Xi, wey be di oga of di powerful Organisation Ministry, talk say some China senior officials don miss road from di correct waka dem suppose dey follow for dia career.

"Some don stop to dey believe in (Karl) Marx and (Vladimir) Lenin, instead na ghosts and gods dem dey fear."

"Dem no get dia own plan but dem believe in magic."

"Dem no respect people but dem respect prophets," Chen Xi dey talk for di People's Daily, wey be di official country newspaper.

Chen Xi, wey dey in charge of di Central Party School, wey dey train special officials wey dey rise for di party no mention di name of anybody wey im accuse say dey follow religion or democracy.

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