Cameroon: Popular blogger Kiki no regret say she come out as gay

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Image example Cameroon blogger Bandy Kiki, na di brain behind Kinnaka Blog, di website English speaking Cameroon dey visit pass

One of di hardest things Bandy Kiki, wey be first-class writer for internet, don ever do na tell her friends, family and thousands of followers for social media say, na gay she be.

For UK, where Kiki don dey live for some years now, e normal for gay people to enjoy plenty freedom but for Cameroon wia dem born her, di law no send gay people at all, dem fit face fine or time for prison.

Months don pass since Kiki make dis special announce and since den, she say she dey happy because her mind don find peace and e don ginger am to start to dey campaign for di rights of gay people for Cameroon.

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Before Kiki 'come out' as gay, she say she dey fear wetin go happen to her life, and her career as di number one writer for internet for di English parts of Cameroon.

Her website, Kinnaka Blog, wey dey carry entertainment, fashion and business tori, don carry her name enter some places she never go before.

Apart from court wey fit jail you for long time, jungle justice also dey because vigilante dey catch and beat people dem suspect wey fit be gay.

But di one wey dangerous pass na wen dem catch gay people, rape dem because some bad people believe say e go cure dem of dis 'sickness'.

If dat one no do, Kiki don get one more serious reason why she dey worry for her life.

She don carry mouth chook inside di palava wey dey happen for di English parts of Cameroon, wey wan break comot become separate independent country.

Kiki talk say, ''di people of Southern Cameroon don suffer plenty for inside dia own country for more than 56 years after independence.''

''Di French majority, wey reach like 90% dey treat us English speaking people like stranger wey no get house.''

''But di worst thing wey happen few months ago na wen dem wan by-force make court and school dem for Southern Cameroon dey use French as official language.''

Even her mama wey die, no make Kiki gree travel go Cameroon because people wey wan wound am say dem dey wait for am.

Image copyright Bandy Kiki
Image example Bandy Kiki don partner one British man to start NGO wey go fight for gay rights

Kiki say na two major things finally make am open her mouth talk her mind say she gay. She say, ''di first na say some people wey know my secret wan turn my head.''

''Di kain style dem wan dey take blackmail me be say dem go dey control wetin l write put for internet.''

''Anything dem no like, dem wan make l comot am and dem also want money.''

Na dis carry her go meet one of her man-friend, do arrangee, make im 'pose' as boyfriend if or wen she need am.

Last-last Kiki say, no be di bad-bad people ginger her to come out, but na she feel say time don reach make she stand up to wetin she believe.

Image copyright Bandy Kiki
Image example Bandy Kiki

Wen Kiki, announce for Facebook di secret wey she don dey keep for many years, na different reply she get, some good, but plenty bad.

''People just dey insult me anyhow for social media, some say if dem catch me, dem go rape me.''

''One time, someone tell me say rapist and child abuser beta pass me.''

Among dem na top Cameroon producer, Agbor Gilbert Ebot, wey wan friend Kiki before-before.

Ebot talk for social media say, ''...If I catch you for Cameroon, I go 'rape' you well well so that di demon of lesbianism go comot for your body…I get plans to give you belle..."

Di thing pain Kiki because di people wey dey abuse for social media na from di same Southern Cameroon wey she dey fight for, di same people she expect say dem go understand.

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Image example Protesters for Bamenda, English part of Cameroon wey dey fight for independence, September 2017

Di way Kiki deal with all di bad bad talk people dey say for internet na to comot eye from dem.

She say na dis make her win new respect from gay people wey dey hide dia true colour.

''I no sure how gay people for Cameroon big reach because people dey hide.''

''Dem dey hide because dem get fear wetin go happen to dem if dem come out.''

''But I don become gay activist now and I dey use my blog push for beta treatment for people like me. Since I don come out, gay people trust me, dem see me as person wey fit fight for dem.''

Kiki don join body with British lawyer Matthew Burns form NGO wey she go use fight for gay rights.

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