300 years go pass before African art go sell like Salvator Mundi - Polly Alakija

Person wey dey carry di painting for di New York auction. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di painting na di last Da Vinci work wey dey for private hands

Di money wey dem take buy di art painting of Italian art master Leonardo da Vinci for New York auction don turn to big discussion for art world.

Leonardo da Vinci work 'Salvator Mundi' wey mean 'Saviour of di World' wey show painting of Jesus Christ, sell for record breaking $450.3 million on Wednesday to become di highest money ever wey dem buy art work for di world.

Salvator Mundi na one of di only twenty paintings of da Vinci wey still remain. Im die for 1519.

Image copyright Polly Alakija
Image example Polly Alakija na big artist for Nigeria

Africa art work go fit sell like dis?

British-born artist wey dey operate for Nigeria, Polly Alakija, na one person wey BBC News Pidgin ask dis question.

Alakija tell tori person Daniel Semeniworima say e no dey possible to predict say any art work for Africa go sell like dis for auction market any time soon.

"Di tin be say di man (Leonardo da Vinci) live extra-ordinary life so im work get big value and dis one na one of di very few ones wey dey private hands"

If at all any art work for Africa go fit sell dat kain market, e go pass 300 years before dat one go happen, Alakija talk.

"Art work like Nok Culture , Benin carvings, Ivory faces na im fit sell like dat amount (wey Salvator Mundi sell for di auction)" she talk.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Before di auction market start people only expect say Salvator Mundi wey don old pas 500 years go fetch around 100,000,000 USD.

How di Salvator Mundi Auction market sell

Na eighteen minutes of tension for di auction as one after di other, people begin talk how much dem go buy di art work.

Di bargain finally stop for four-hundred-million dollars, plus commission wey dem add on top.

Nobody know who di buyer be.

Alakija talk say di money dem take buy dis da Vinci work pass all di money wey dem don use buy art work for di whole of Africa for di pass 5 to 10 years.

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