25 of di Nigerian girls wey die for Mediterranean drown

Life jacket ontop beach for Libya Image copyright Stringer/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Many of di people wey wan follow di Mediterranean water go Europe dey die for di water wen dia boat sink.

Result of di test wey dem do ontop di 26 Nigeria girls wey dem pick dia dead body from inside Mediterranean water don show say water nai carry most of dem go.

Dis na according to Italy tori people.

Di tori of how di girls wey dey between 14 to 18 years die shock government for Nigeria.

According to result of di test wey dem do for Salerno, Southern Italy, 25 of di girls die because dem no fit breathe inside di water as di small boat wey dem dey travel inside sink.

One get wound for liver why two been get belle.

Di report also say dem no see sign say dem do di girls anyhow for di time before dem die, dem die maybe because dem no sabi swim.

Dem chook eye inside di mata of how dem die because dem been dey fear say dia death no pure, say dem attack dem.

Join bodi for mata of people wey dey comot dia country talk say 2,982 people don die ontop water dis year alone.

United Nations also talk say like 80% of di young Nigerian women wey dey reach Italy don already dey or no dey tey fall for di hand of people wey dey organise prostitution.

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