Zimbabwe latest: Mugabe don show face since military take over

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe under house arrest, posing alongside Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga, 16 November 2017 Image copyright AFP / ZBC
Image example Mr Mugabe (second right) as e dey under house arrest, take dis photo with Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga (right)

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe don show face for di first time since di country army seize power on Wednesday.

E go attend graduation ceremony for one university for di capital, Harare.

Mr Mugabe remain under house arrest, and di military talk say dem dey follow am talk, and dem go tell di public wetin dem decide "as soon as possible."

Mugabe wey don siddon as president of almost 40 years no wan step down quick-quick, comot office, even as plenty people say make e go.

Dis na di tori wey full newspaper and Internet join, as di 93-year-old don remain under house arrest since military takeover happen on Wednesday, even as power struggle dey go on, to see who go enter as President after Mugabe.

Official tori never come out of di talk-talk wey Mugabe bin do with diplomats from Southern African region and di army chief.

But sources say so far, di President never agree to move aside - Mugabe don dey power since 1980.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai bin talk say e dey "in di interests of di people" for Mugabe to "resign... immediately."

BBC tori person Andrew Harding, wey dey for Zimbabwe, says if dem fit talk to President Mugabe make e step down officially, dis one fit show say na better thing as di military take mouth and gra-gra enter di matter.

For di streets and area, e dey hard to find anybodi wey want Mr Mugabe to remain for office, na wetin Mr Harding talk, but to talk about how e wan begin comot office and who go take over after everything go take time.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di military still dey drag say dem no do coup

So wetin dey happen for Harare now?

E no dey clear.

Photos wey dey inside loca newspaper di Zimbabwe Herald dey show Mr Mugabe as e dey meet di army chief Gen Constantino Chiwenga, and two diplomats from di Southern African Development Community (Sadc) for State House inside Harare, di capital.

Next to dem na Father Fidelis Mukonori, one Roman Catholic priest wey Mr Mugabe don know for years; dem bring am inside to talk about di matter.

Sources wey dey close to di talks say Mr Mugabe no wan use im own mind comot office before next year elections.

"I think im dey try to buy time," na wetin one person wey get ear inside army leadership tell di AFP news agency.

Others dey suggest say e fit be say Mr Mugabe dey try make sure say im and im family go dey safe, before e step aside.

Image copyright Zimbabwe Herald
Image example Mr Mugabe bin meet officials for State House inside Harare

Wetin Zimbabwe people feel?

Na from Anne Soy wey dey Zimbabwe

Many Zimbabweans quick-quick dey happy with di way di military move to take control of di country, and as dem keep President Mugabe inside im official residence.

"Di military don do good thing," na wetin one bookseller talk. "Dem go make sure say we get transitional government."

Im dey sure say Mr Mugabe 37 years for power don dey end

Di way people dey feel for di country don change, and e be like many Zimbabweans bin dey find change.

Wetin South Africa and di region want?

South Africa don already get millions of Zimbabweans wey run, after di country economy crashed for 2008. Di country get special interest to make sure say stability return to Zimbabwe.

South African Defence Minister Nosiviwe Maphisa-Nqakula and State Security Minister Bongani Bongo na di diplomats wey dey meet Mr Mugabe on behalf of Sadc; na South Africa dey lead di commission right now.

Sadc don also hold meeting for Botswana and dem don call for regional summit to discuss di crisis. Dem ask Zimbabwe to "settle di political challenges with peaceful way," na wetin di AFP news agency dey report.

Di African Union say dem no go accept make military dey seize power. Di AU head and Guinea President Alpha Condé say im dey "invite di army to return to dia barracks and return to constitutional order."

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