Treatment for neglected tropical disease don reach one billion

River Blindness Image copyright Getty Images
Image example River blindness be one of di Neglected tropical disease (NTD) wey dey affect people for di world

Treatment for world to deal with tropical disease wey many no dey too put eye don reach one billion people.

Dem dey call dis kind disease Neglected tropical diseases.

Neglected tropical diseases(NTD), na different type of disease dem wey fit catch people wey dey live for tropical areas for di world - up to 149 countries dem.

People wey dey live inside poverty and wey dia area dirty na im dey suffer am pass.

Sabi people say e reach 40% of di people wey dey suffer NTDs wey dey stay for Africa.

As e be so, international NGO Sightsavers and dia partners dey jollificate say dem don do historical thing - dem just deliver treatment to one billion people wey dey suffer NTDs.

Na for Thursday, November 16, dem give treatment to one seven-year-old girl, Dorcas for Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Dorcas go be di person wey make di total number of people wey dem don save from NTD to reach one billion.

She bin dey suffer onchocerciasis (river blindness) and lymphatic filariasis (LF)

Other NTDs na trachoma, river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, intestinal worms and schistosomiasis and e get different way wey person fit treat dis diseases.

Di treatment wey Dorcas collect na part of one of Sightsavers dem programmes, UNITED, wey dey get money from UK aid.

For 2016, UK aid bin support 53 million people wey get NTDs for Nigeria, to help reduce di way e dey give dem palava.

Simon Bush wey be Director for NTD, Sightsavers talk say: "NTD dey affect people wey poor for di world but e no suppose dey happen. Our waka with community dem dem, ministry of health for countries wey dem dey happen, donors, other NGO plus academic school...all dis one dey show say we fit clear all dis disease comot-finish."

Even as dem do some things to help, Mr Bush still say work dey ground before dem go fit remove all dis kind disease.

"We go need to continue to join bodi make health matter make sense and make sure say dem dey give help to people wey dey find am - together we wan deal wit di things wey fit cause NTDs, things wey we go dey do make life come reach where e be no be big thing when person get clean water, better toilet and education."

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