'l no by-force attack 16-year-old girl for room' - Stallone

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Us actor Sylvester Stallone wey act for 'Rambo' and 'Rocky' movies dem don talk say e no true say im bin sexually attack one 16-year-old-girl for 1986.

Di actor talk-talk person, Michelle Bega tell UK tori people, Mail Online, say "dis tori, wey no get head or tail, no true at all."

"Nobody don ever hear dis tori until today, including Mr. Stallone," na so Bega talk.

"Time, never dey, wey authorities or anybodi at all contact Mr. Stallone on top dis matter,'' she add.

Di Daily Mail say na from one old police report from July, 1986, na where dem see one young woman wey claim say Stallone dey by-force try make she do things for bed with Stallone and im bodyguard for dia hotel room for Las Vegas.

Di girl tell police say shame catch her after, on top di thing wey happen but she no gree carry police charge put for Stallone head, so police no continue di case - according to di 1986 report.

Di girl say di Rocky star tell am say if she open her mouth talk wetin im do, im go deal with her, according to di report.

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Stallone through im talk-talk person bin answer back after Mail Online for UK carry di tori, but Ms. Bega no gree continue to talk with dem wen dem tell am say another newspaper bin carry di tori for February 2016.

Laura Meltzer, wey be talk-talk person for di Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, don talk say dem no get enough old informate to check whether na true or na lie be dis police report wey Mail get.

But she also talk say, di way dem arrange dis police report, e resemble di way di Las Vegas police dey do dia own thing.

Dis case wey be like bone for Stallone throat na one of many sexual harassment palava against top Hollywood producers, actors and politicians wey don dey come out.

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