Nigeria no know if Italy get permission to bury 26 girls wey drown

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Image example People including politicians, rescue people dem and tori people gather to pay respect to di girls dem

Nigeria government say dem no know, whether Italy collect permission to bury di 26 girls wey drown for Mediterranean.

Na on Friday dem bury di 26 young Nigerian women wey bin drown for Mediterranean Sea inside southern Italian city of Salerno.

Senior Special Adviser to di Nigeria President on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs Abike Dabiri-Erewa tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Helen Oyibo say "we dey wait for investigation from Italy and from our embassy wey dem go tell us wetin really happen."

Whether Nigeria send anybodi go di burial of 26 of dia citizens wey dem bury for foreign land, she say: "Our embassy Italy suppose go there but I go still find out because anybodi know say e dey news say dis Friday dem go bury am. Why dem bury am we no know, and whether dem even take permission...find out say who be di family...because some people go want make dem pickin come back home make dem bury am. But di thing be say when dis people dey go, dem dey go with fake name," she talk.

She bin don post for twitter about di burial.

Wey come make some people to talk give her.

Water carry di women go after di rubber boat wey dem use to cross di sea go Italy sink, na Spain military ship see dia body come carry dem enter Italy on November 3rd.

Dem put di body inside brown coffin with rose flower ontop all of dem for Monumental cemetery for Salerno.

Military people, local politicians, rescue people dem and tori people dey there dey look as one catholic archbishop and imam dem pray ontop di body.

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Image example Archbishop and Imam pray for di girls for di ceremony

Na only two of di girls dem get name; Marian Shaka and Osato Osaro.

Two of di girls been get belle, dem put blue rose ontop dia own coffin. Osato Osaro na one of dem, she been get belle for twins. Tori person Paraic O'Brien talk say dem put two rose ontop her coffin, pink and blue rose to remember dem.

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Image example Na only two out of di 26 coffins get name ontop

People shock for Nigeria wen dem first hear di tori of how di girls die, as dem bury dem today, dem still talk.

One of di people wey talk na former minister of Education Oby Ezekwesili.

Dem do test to find out wetin kill di girls dem for di beginning wey e be like say dia death no pure. But di result show say na water carry 25 of dem go and one of dem get serious wound for her side.

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Image example Di girls death shock di world

Di mayor of Salerno declare one day of mourning and one minute silence today, to honour di girls wey die.

Tori be say like 100 people still dey miss inside di people wey travel with di girls dem and dem don arrest 2 people wey dem suspect wan hide di people reach Italy.

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