Kenya: Five people don die as dem dey welcome Raila Odinga

One of di supporter and another one wey wound Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Raila Odinga supporters come out come welcome am after im go for talk talk for Europe and America

At least five people nai die on Friday and other people injure for Kenya capital Nairobi after police and supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga face each other.

Di supporters bin gather to welcome dia leader.

People wey see as e happen tell BBC say police shoot di men as di two group meet as dem dey escort Odinga enter central business district.

Im convoy try to dodge police dem wey dey ground so people no go gather do 'I no go gree.'

Police fire teargas and water give Odinga supporters dem, so dem go clear for road. Di wahala cause traffic, as di supporters no gree. Dem also burn police truck.

But police don deny say dem shoot anybody die say na di crowd kill people. Police talk talk person George Kinoti say officers use only teargas and water cannon.

''We no fire real bullet, but we know say some people wey dey follow di NASA convoy use di opportunity start to dey thief, and crowd kill dem after dem catch dem.'' Na so im talk.

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Image example Police say dem no use real bullet to drive people.

Di opposition leader travel comot from town go Europe and America for talk talk after di 26 October election wey dem do again wey im no gree do.

Im spend 10 days for there.

Before im travel, im draw ear give di country people make dem no accept di result of di election wey supreme court for Kenya say make dem do again. Im say wuru wuru enter well well.

Odinga don also say make President Uhuru Kenyatta come down make government wey go rule for main time enter, so di country go use six months prepare for new presidential election wey go dey free and fair.

Supreme court for Kenya go still deliver another judgement on Monday onto whether President Kenyatta true true win di election.

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