Zimbabwe: Protesters dey waka go Mugabe office

Protester holding Zimbabwe flag Image copyright Reuters

Protesters for Zimbabwe don dey march go di office of President Robert Mugabe as dem dey tell am to step down.

Dis one follow as plenty don enter street to jolly on top how army don take over di country on Wednesday.

BBC tori people say protesters dey hug and hail soldiers for street.

BBC tori person Andrew Harding talk say soldiers dey use gentle to push di protesters to go back, as di place be like na party dem dey do.

One man tell BBC say di day na like "na new beginning" for dem.

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Image example Di army and di ruling party dey support di rally

Di army and members of di ruling Zanu-PF dey support di rally.

War veterans - people wey don fight for war before - wey bin dey support Mr Mugabe before don comot to talk say make im resign.

One man wey show for di protest say " We wey be Zimbabweans dey tell our army say thank you for di peaceful way wey you take put hand for di mata".

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Image example E dey clear wetin di people dey tell Mugabe

"And time don reach for Zimbabweans to tell Mugabe say im suppose go. We no fit wait to see am comot. Na new beginning e be for us".

"For us, e mean say dictatorship don end and we go take Zimbabwe back".

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Image example Na for Zimbabwe Open University Mr Mugabe show for di first time after army put am under house arrest

93-year-old Mugabe don dey under house arrest since di army do takeover for Wednesday but for Friday im show for public for di first time for Zimbabwe Open University wey im be Chancellor.

Im wife, Grace Mugabe no follow am come. People bin think before say she don run comot di country but tori don confirm say she dey for house with Mr Mugabe.

Di military enter join di mata as people dey fight demsef on top who go replace Mr Mugabe when im retire.

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Image example Nobody don see Grace Mugabe since army do takeover

E be like say di president bin dey try to arrange im wife to take over after im sack im vice, Emmerson Mnangagwa, last week.

Di military don talk say dem don start discussion with Mr Mugabe and dem go let people know how e take waka "as soon as possible".

Mr Mugabe don dey in charge for Zimbabwe since dem get independence from Britain for 1980.

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