Zimbabwe: President Mugabe no go resign

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Image example On 15 November 2017, Zimbabwe military put president Robert Mugabe for house arrest

Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe use strong mouth talk say im go remain for office, even though say pressure dey im head to resign.

For live TV address, President Mugabe say im go dey in charge when di ruling party go do dia congress for December.

Na to see how dat one go happen, since di party don already sack am as leader.

Im party, di ruling Zanu-PF bin don sack President Robert Mugabe as dia leader and give am until Monday afternoon to resign or dem go impeach am.

Zanu-PF don appoint di former vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, wey President Mugabe been sack two weeks ago, as di new leader.

Di first lady, Grace Mugabe, and several other senior officials for di party, dem don pursue dem comot patapata.

Na di sacking of Mnangagwa make di military chook hand for di matter to block Mugabe, 93, from im plan to make in wife Grace di vice president.

Thousands of Zimbabwe people bin attend street protests on Saturday as dem waka against di Mugabe family.

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Image example Zanu-PF vote say dem don tire for di Mugabe family

People just begin to jump up dey happy when dem announce di decision to comot Mugabe as leader of di party.

One senior official tell BBC tori person Andrew Harding say: "Dis na beginning of new era. Mugabe fit go do farming."

Zanu-PF Central Committee also draw ear say, dem go begin di process of impeachment, if Mugabe no carry im two leg, comot as president by noon local time on Monday.

One party official say Mnangagwa, wey be like im don enter Zimbabwe low key, dem don put im name as di party presidential candidate for di 2018 general elections.

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Image example Emmerson Mnangagwa na new leader of Zanu-PF

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