Zimbabwe palava: Former vice president dey beg Mugabe

A handout photo made available by the Zimbabwean government through "The Herald" daily newspaper on 20 November 2017 shows Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe addressing the nation at the State House in Harare, Zimbabwe, late 19 November 2017. Image copyright EPA / The Herald
Image example President Mugabe party dey pressue am to resign

Zimbabwe former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, wey President Robert Mugabe sack, don beg am say im listen to di people wey dey tell am say make im resign.

Na di sacking of Mr Mnangagwa start all di wahala for Zimbabwe and make di military do takeover, come put Mr Mugabe for house arrest.

Mr Mnangagwa talk say im run comot di country two weeks ago when im hear say dem wan kill am, and im no go return im sure say im life safe.

Di ruling Zanu-PF say dem wan start process to impeach di president for parliament on Tuesday.

Dem dey accuse Mr Mugabe say im wan allow im wife "seize constitutional power".

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Image example Many people for Zanu-PF wan make Emmerson Mnangagwa be di next president

Mnangagwa, wey nobody sabi where im dey, talk say make di 93-year-old president do wetin di people want and step down.

"I bin tell di president say I no go return until I sure say security dey for me personally, because of di way wey dem take treat me after dem fire me".

Na plenty people dey think say Mr Mugabe use di sacking of im vice to clear road for im wife to take over after im comot for office.

On Monday, Zimbabwe army generals talk say Mr Mnangagwa don agree say im go come back come join di plan wey dem dey do for another government.

But dat plan fit don get K-leg as parliament dey plan to impeach di president.

Wetin dem say President Mugabe do?

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Party members bin give Mr Mugabe until 12:00 on Monday wey pass say make im resign or dem go impeach am.

One lawmaker, Paul Mangwana, talk say Mr Mugabe na stubborn man and no wan hear di voice of di people.

But to impeach no easy like dat. E fit happen only if di president "do very bad thing", "do something wey no dey constitution" or "fail to obey, uphold or defend am, or "im no well".

Mr Mangwana talk say dem dey accuse di president say im try to give power to im wife, Grace Mugabe, when she no get any right to run government.

"Im refuse to do wetin Zimbabwe constitution talk - even as we do election for provincial councils dem but up till now, dem never resume for dia office".

How di mata take reach dis level?

Di Zimbabwe President bin shock im country people for Sunday when im no talk say im go comot for office.

People bin dey expect say di leader, wey don rule Zimbabwe for 37 years now, go announce say im go resign.

Thousands of people enter street for Saturday dey jolly say di time don come wey Mr Mugabe go comot make another person enter.

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But for di speech wey im carry give people for television on Sunday, Mr Mugabe say wetin dey happen no affect im position as head of government.

Im come talk say na im go lead di meeting wey im party, Zanu-PF, go do for December.

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Image example Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai don chook mouth for di mata after im return from medical treatment

Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, shock.

"Di thing shock me. No be only me sef, na di whole country. Im dey play one kain game. Na wetin Mr Tsvangirai tell tori people Reuters.

Im say Mr Mugabe dey try deceive people and im don disappoint di whole country.

"Im blind or deaf"

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Image example On 15 November 2017, Zimbabwe military put president Robert Mugabe for house arrest

Na 24 hours Zanu-PF give Mr Mugabe make im comot for office so dem go fit solve di wahala peacefully after di military enter di mata.

Chris Mutsvangwa, wey be di leader of di liberation war veterans and wey don dey lead campaign to comot Mugabe since, say na to impeach di president remain.

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Image example E dey clear wetin di people dey tell Mugabe

Im also talk say plan don dey to do protest for Wednesday.

Mr Mutsvangwa say "Maybe somebody for inside Zanu-PF no tell am wetin dey happen for im own party, so im no know wetin im dey talk, or maybe im dey blind or deaf to wetin im party tell am.

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Image example Some people dey think say Emmerson Mnangagwa get corner-corner hand for di way military do takeover

Di central committee for Zanu-PF don put Emmerson Mnangagwa as dia new leader. Na because Mr Mugabe bin sack former vice president Mr Mnangagwa so im wife go fit become president na im make di military enter di mata.

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For Saturday, plenty people enter street dey jubilate on top wetin di military do.

Dem talk say na di 'second liberation' for di country and dem dey hope say things go change for better for dia economy after all di suffer wey dem don suffer for Mugabe hand.

But e shock dem when Mr Mugabe no talk anything wey resemble say im don ready to comot.

"Mugabe go die there"

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Image example Mrs Grace Mugabe (right) na powerful woman for di ruling party and im dey drag power with Mr Mnangagwa to become di next President after im husband

Mr Mugabe nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, wey talk to Reuter tori people for secret location for South Africa, talk say di president and im wife "ready to die for wetin dem think say na correct thing" instead of say make dem step down for wetin dem say na coup.

Mr Mugabe pickin, Chatunga, enter Facebook sef to blast people wey dey try to comot im papa.

Im write say "You no fit sack revolutionary leader. Zanu-PF na nothing if President Mugabe no dey there".

But now di party don give Mr Mugabe deadline say dem go impeach am if im no resign by 12:00 local time.

Dem fit start di process as early as Tuesday for parliament.

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