Uhuru Kenyatta: Wetin next for Kenya?

Kenyatta supporters
Image example Jubilation as Supreme Court say Kenyatta na correct leader for di country

As Kenya Supreme Court finally make President Uhuru Kenyatta di correct president for di next five years inside all di fight-fight wey dey happen, BBC News Pidgin tori person, Onyinye Chime wey bin dey Kenya during di 26 October rerun election, dey look some questions wey need answers.

On Monday, Kenya Supreme Court troway election petition then announce say na Kenyatta win election.

Di court decision mean say for di next five years, na Kenyatta government dey power.

But one of di question wey need answer now na, wetin next for country wey election don seriously divide?

Image example Kenya people protest say dem no want 26 October election

Kenyatta go rule divided Kenya

Na six million people vote Uhuru Kenyatta enter power, but di 14 million Kenya people wey no participate for 26 October election, many of dem still dey road dey protest for different parts of di country wey make some die.

For areas like Kibera inside Nairobi, Kisumu, Migori, Korogocho, Mathare, Kibra, Kawangware wey be where former opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga supporters dey, police still dey throw teargas on top protesters.

Even though say court don rule for Kenyatta favour, im government go need to reunite di country people and promote tribal tolerance to take rule im country people well well.

Too much suffer for economy na one reason wey most people want all di election wahala to end, but with di kind tension, protest and fight-fight wey stil dey happen, wetin bi di guarantee say business go normal again soon?

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Image example People hail Chief Justice Maraga for im ogbonge decision

Damage to judiciary

When Supreme Court first cancel 8 August election, people from all over di world celebrate dia achievement because na di first time wey dat kind judgement ever happen for Africa.

For people wey dey follow politics for di continent, hope high no be small unto say Africa don reach new maturity for democracy. But di things wey follow, including di no show of di Supreme Court judges on 25 October to decide whether di fresh election go hold or not make people wonder.

Also di ruling wey dem give on Monday morning make some Kenya people believe say di judges dey fear. One Kenya person tell BBC say, government "really threaten di judges, di judges bin first take care of dia life."

With di kind crushing wey wey di judiciary experience for dis past few months, which kind future di judiciary dey expect to get now for di country?

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