Cameroon: Dem don shoot police for Bamenda

Fish market Bamenda Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di gbege happen near di Fish Market for Bamenda

At least four people, wey include one police officer, get injury for Sunday night as gbege happen inside di English-speaking region of Cameroon.

People wey dey di area also hear serious gunshots, despite say curfew dey di area.

Person wey dey close to security people say di officer na gunshot wound im receive near di food market for Bamenda.

According to AFP tori people, two other men also get injuries for di gebge wey happen, one of dem claim say na police beat am for Ntarikon neighbourhood where im bin wan go meet opposition leader, John Fru Ndi. Di others na man and woman wey suffer gunshot wounds.

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Image example Burial of one of di military police wey dem bin kill for Bamenda

"Dem just dey shoot for night", na so one person wey dey live for di area talk.

Dem say police begin show for di area from 8:00 am on Sunday morning, wey come make people to close dia shop.

Government bin don put 10:00 pm to 5:00 am curfew for Bamenda on November 8 after dem kill three paramilitary police and di curfew go remain until 23 November.

Police don dey carry out patrols for night to make sure say people no disobey di curfew. Sometimes dem dey make arrests, but dis na di first time wey violence go happen since di curfew enter.

Di wahala wey dey for Cameroon na for di two English-speaking areas, wey be minority for di country. Dem say dem dey suffer as di majority wey be French-speaking people, no dey let better reach dem.

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