Cameroon: Two people don die for suicide attack for di Northern region

Map of Cameroon
Image example Di northern region of Cameroon don suffer from plenty attack from Boko Haram

Two people die and many wound as kill kill people strike for Northern Cameroon on Monday.

Dis area for Cameroon dey suffer from Boko Haram attack.

Tori be say na suicide bomber throway di bomb. Im first hide am inside bag of beans enter market for Kolofata before im drop am.

Police confirm di attack to tori people AFP.

E don tey wey Boko Haram dey nack Kolofata. One join bodi ontop crisis mata for di world, International Crisis Group, talk say since 2014 wey Cameroon start to dey fight dem, Boko Haram don kill reach 2000 people including ordinary men and soldier dem.

Dem don also thief like 1,000 people go.

Since 2009 wen di kill kill group for Nigeria start dia operation, dem don kill many people including children, dem don also thief many young girls and women from Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

Di report wey di join bodi for Economic and Peace mata dey do, di Global Terrorism Index, show say Boko Haram dey on top di international kill kill people dem group, as for 2014, dem kill 6,644 people for different different attack dem for Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

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