Pope Francis dey ask police to show drivers 'mercy'

Pope Francis in a car Image copyright AFP
Image example Pope Francis say dem don turn di street to "Formula One tracks"

Drivers wey dem catch for speeding fit mention wetin Pope talk when dem dey beg police.

Pope Francis do meeting with traffic police for Italy, say make dem show "mercy" for people wey break law for road.

"Mercy no be sign say you weak", na wetin im talk. "And e no need force."

Im say make police find out di reason why di person break di law.

But di Argentine pontiff also talk about "plenty plenty wahala" wey dey road.

Im say di "hurry hurry and competition" don make people to see dia fellow drivers as di problem wey dey need overtake, e don make di street dey like "Formula One tracks".

Di Pope, don be head of Roman Catholic Church since 2013, im also attack people wey dey use dia mobile phone when dem dey drive.

Last week, Pope bless one sports car wey dem dash am and dem auction di car for charity.

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