Thief dig underground hole take rob bank for Kenya

Police for street Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Kenya people surprise di way di thief plan dia operation.

Police for Kenya don arrest three people ontop one robbery wey happen like action film wey leave many people to open mouth.

Di thief dem dig long hole wey dem take enter di bank, Kenya Commercial bank for Thika town, thief 50 million shillings wey be Kenya money, about half million dollars.

Tori be say di thief dem spend reach six months to take perfect dia plan, for inside dia shop wey dey close to police station.

Dem drill hole enter ground, create passage from di shop dem wey dey dem rent straight to di mouth of di safety vault of di bank.

Dem rent di shop dem early dis year, dem been deceive people say dem dey sell books dia.

Na Monday morning nai di bank discover.

Dem see smoke when dem open di fault, wen dem look again dem find out say money dey miss.

Police say di thief plan am well well as police station no far from di area.

Dia neighbours talk say dem think say dem be ordinary people wey just dey do business, say di time wey dem see truck dey load carton go dem been think say na book dey inside, dem no know say no be so.

Di three people wey police arrest na two men and one woman wey be di owner of di shops dem.

Police dey question dem ontop di mata.

E never too tey too wey thief use dis same pattern rob bank for India.

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