Mugabe former vice president dey return to Zimbabwe

Celebration for streets of Harare Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example People dey celebrate for di streets of Harare after Robert Mugabe announce say im dey resign on November 21, 2017

Di former vice-president of Zimbabwe wey Robert Mugabe sack but come become palava for im head fit become di new president today. -today, according to di ruling party.

Di ruling Zanu-PF dey expect Emmerson Mnangagwa, wey run comot go South Africa two weeks ago, to enter Harare for Wednesday.

Di way which Mugabe remove im former friend na im cause di ruling party and military to join hand, carry force to end Mugabe 37 year government.

After di tori say Mugabe don resign break, di country begin celebrate sotay e pass midnight.

Parliament bin dey do meeting for Wednesday wey go impeach Mugabe wen letter show from di president say im don ready to step down.

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Image example Zimbabwe lawmakers jollificate inside di International Conference Centre wia parliament bin dey do impeachment meeting

Na sharp-sharp di impeachment meeting stop after lawmakers from di ruling party and opposition begin dey celebrate.

Inside di letter, Mugabe talk say di reason why im dey resign na because im no want any wahala.

Activist and political candidate Vimbaishe Musvaburi begin cry happy cry wen she talk with BBC.

"We don tire for dis man, e dey sweet our belle say im don resign. We no want am again and yes, today, na victory," she talk.

One Zanu PF talk-talk person say Mr. Mnangagwa go finish Mugabe term until dem do di election wey suppose happen for September 2018.

''We dey expect make in land for Zimbabwe at 11:30 GMT and we go swear am in later'', Larry Mavhima tell tori people Reuters.

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Image example Na di sacking wey President Mugabe sack Mr Mnangagwa start di palava wey come chase di president comot for office

Big palava hang Zimbabwe for neck wey di country never see before after Robert Mugabe fire Mnangagwa.

Many sabi people believe say Mugabe wan make im wife, Grace, to take over from her husband as di oga for di country,

But di Zimbabwe military no like dis plan wey go give Grace ultimate power, so dem comot from dia barracks, take over di national broadcaster and put Mugabe for house arrest.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image example People for Zimbabwe say dem don tire for Mr Mugabe rule

Meanwhile for di Zimbabwe constitution, no be Mr. Mnangagwa suppose become di next president when Robert Muga be resign.

Na di current vice-president Phelekezela Mphoko suppose enter di office wey Mugabe don surrender.

Tori be say Mphoko and Mrs Mugabe be padi. Nobody know whether im dey for di country or not.

Some people dey wonder if Mr Mnangagwa go bring any change for di country.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai tell BBC say im dey hope say Zimbabwe go begin fresh journey wey go include free and fair elections.

Tsvangirai talk say dem suppose allow make Mugabe go rest before im die.

Mr Mugabe wey reach 93-years-old, na di oldest leader for world and one time he claim say na only God fit comot am from government.

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