Nigeria: 30 people don lose job after dem fail drug test

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Image example Di oga dem for di hospital never give more information about di type of drugs di new workers test positive for

Thirty university graduate for Nigeria na im don lose di job wey hospital been give dem after test result come out say dem dey positive for hard drugs.

Dia names been dey list of people wey dey don give work for National Orthopaedic Hospital inside Kano after dey don pass all di things wey dey need, but fail di compulsory drug test.

Di thirty graduate dey among 150 people wey dem employ from di thousands of people wey apply for di job.

Drug test no dey compulsory for people wey dey look for work inside Nigeria but di talk-talk person for di Orthopaedic hospital tell BBC say dey just bring dis style before dey go hire anybody to make sure say only people wey dia head correct and wey no dey kolo na im dey go give work because of di way wey di medical work dey serious.


According to di agency wey dey fight against drugs for Nigeria- National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) , Kano state na im get di highest number of drug abuse cases for Nigeria.

Report say, di young people wey di drug test affect begin vex wen dey tell dem say di hospital don collect back di job wey dey been give dem.

Di orthopaedic hospital talk say dem dey struggle to cope with five staff wey dey don employ before and wey get mental problems because of drug abuse.

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