Robert Mugabe: Some questions never clear for Zimbabwe

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Image example Former President Robert Mugabe rule Zimbabwe for 37 years

For dis Robert Mugabe matter, tori be say e be like di more you look, di less you see na im dey happen.

Di former President of Zimbabwe bin resign and dem don give am immunity, while jubilation full area up and down because Mugabe don siddon inside office, hold power tight for 37 years.

Plenty talk dey happen about di political parties dem and how dem wan waka, economy, immunity and so on.

But e get some questions wey still need answer.

Wetin really happen for di 20 November Sunday address?

People bin dey expect Mugabe to announce say im dey resign when im make broadcast for state TV to im country people. But instead, after plenty talk-talk, na so im tell people how e plan to manage party congress wey suppose happen for December. Wetin really make Mugabe do dis broadcast? Dem change im script wey e suppose read, as some people talk?

Mugabe true-true resign abi dem help am resign?

After di president talk say e full ground, na on Tuesday 22 November parliament announce say Mugabe don resign.

Dat day, Mugabe bin suppose hold meeting with im cabinet when dem read resignation letter wey dem say im send to parliament.

Na so tori people start to ask question: if on Sunday Mugabe bin no resign, wetin make am change im mind on Tuesday? Why im write letter? Why im no use im mouth talk am?

Why e never talk or show face since im resign?

Since military take over, security dey tight around di 93-years-old former president. From 20 November reach now, nobodi don really see am dey waka free. E never too show face, and e never talk. But tori say e fit appear for di swearing-in ceremony of Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday 24 November.

Wetin go happen to Mugabe now?

As president, im go enjoy immunity from persecution, wey mean say e no go enter court. But from now on, di way forward for am never clear. Di main question hear na im go run comot for Zimbabwe?

Abi im go retire go stay like gentleman for im house for village?

What of im wife, Grace Mugabe?

Nobody don see Grace Mugabe aka "Gucci Grace." She bin wan take over as President from her husband and na dat one join di things wey make military put hand, mouth and leg, wey still lead Mugabe to resign. As power change hand so, how her own wan be now? Diplomatic immunity go cover her?

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