Grace Mugabe don join former Dictators dem wives

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Image example Grace Mugabe get nickname as 'Gucci Grace' because of di way im dey carry money buy big-big clothes and jewelry

Dem say, by di side of every great man - and even leaders wey don take strong hand to rule dia people - na one strong woman. But wetin dey happen to wives of dictators after dia husband don die, or comot for power?

After Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe, wey rule for 37 years, finally resign last week, na im wife Grace dey everybodi mouth, as she never show for pubic.

Many people believe say Grace Mugabe na di real reason why di military chook hand to comot Mugabe from power, after her husband take vex sack di vice-president Emmerson 'Di Crocodile' Mnangagwa.

Tori be say Mugabe do dis one so dat im wife go get chance to be di next President.

Because of di way her husband take rule and di anyhow way wey im take spend dia country people money, Ms Mugabe fit no show inside politics matter for Zimbabwe again and na like dis, small by small, people go begin forget her.

Dis na di tori of di wives of some dictators dem, because after dis leaders don die or comot for power, e dey hard people to remember di woman wey dey by dia side.

Sarah "Suicide Sarah" Kyolaba (1955 -2015)

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Image example Palestine president Yasser Arafat, na im do Idi Amin best man for im 1975 wedding wey cost pass $2 million

Sarah Kyolaba na wife number five to Uganda dictator Idi Amin Dada, wey take strong hand rule for di 1970s.

She meet Idi Amin when she be 19 years old, as she dey do dance work and for 1975, dem marry for big wedding wey cost pass $2 million.

But after Idi Amin go exile for April 1979, Kyolaba sef run comot go Germany where she do small work as model and then later go England for 1982. And na for dia she start restaurant and hair salon business.

After some time, officials close down di restaurant when dem see rat and cockroach dia.

After di three children she born for Idi Amin, she no born again or marry anoda person.

For June 2015, she die of cancer, for London.

Maryam Abacha (1945 - today)

Maryam na di wife of Nigeria former military leader Sani Abacha wey be say under im rule, di country economy suffer, and im thief billions go hide for banks abroad.

Maryam and Sani marry for 1965 and dem born nine children. After Sani Abacha die for June 1998, Nigerian government begin try to recover all di money way she and her husband thief, and one year after she come out talk say, she dey in pain on top how her husband name don spoil finish.

For September 1999, security officials dem detain Maryam and her son for Kano, after dem accuse her say she no cooperate with di investigation into how country money take disappear - but dem come release am later.

Safia Farkash Gaddafi (1952/1953 - today)

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Image example Algeria tell Safia (L) and her children, Hannibal, Mohamed and Aisha to leave di country, after Aisha go do interview with tori people

Safia na di wife of di former leader of Libya wey take di eye of im people see pepper before dem I-no-gree militia kill am for October 2011.

As di fight-fight to comot her husband begin hot well-well, Safia run go Algeria with her children for August 2011.

But when di Algeria government chase Safia and her pregnant daughter Aisha comot, dem find dia way go Oman.

For 2016, government people for Libya grant permission to Safia to come back to live for her house, but e be like say she never return.

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