Cameroon: Anglophone talk make ruling party vex comot parliament

Cameroon parliament. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di lawmakers never talk about di crisis wey dey di Anglophone region for one year now

Parliament for Cameroon today scatter after lawmakers for di ruling party, Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) carry vex waka comot.

Di lawmakers no gree follow dia oda colleagues of di minority party, Social Democratic Front (SDF) do talk talk about all di issues wey dey ground for di Anglophone, English-speaking regions for di country.

Di ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) lawmaker dem waka comot from di meeting after di minority party Social Democratic Front (SDF) raise am say dem must discuss di Anglophone people dem situation.

One video ontop social media show how di lawmakers dem take waka comot while di SDF people dem dey sing come carry leaf join.

Wahala don dey ground for di English speaking region for Cameroon since, di people dia talk say dem be like second class citizen for dia own country so dem wan comot.

Leader of SDF for inside parliament Joseph Banadzem tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Helen Oyibo how e take happen.

E say dem come inside parliament after dem bone di opening session come stand dia ground say parliament must discuss di issues; crime and violence wey don dey happen for di two English speaking area for di country.

''When we come dis morning, our wish na say we go do everything so we go talk about di Anglophone problem. And as lawmakers, e no dey normal say we never discuss all di bad bad things wey dey happen for di area for one whole year.

''We stand our ground say make dat one be priority, say e no go be business as usual.''

BBC News Pigdin try to speak to someone for di ruling party, but we no fit.

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Image example Plenty soldiers full ground for di English-speaking areas of Cameroon

Oga Banadzem talk say dem been wan make dem talk about dia children wey don stop school because of di wahala, how e also affect business, say di way military full ground for di two north-west and south-west region too much for wetin be di issue wey dey ground.

''If we address am and allow people for those areas live like di rest of di country, den we go try to find solution to di problem dem.''

According to Banadzem, di way forward na for President Paul Biya to hold dat dialogue wey im don dey talk about since one year now.

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