Ghana: Denmark dey say sorry for slave trade

President Obama as e visit Ghana for 2009 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Former US President Barack Obama sef don visit Ghana on 11 July 2009, go look Cape Coast Castle, where slave trade bin happen.

Government of Denmark don apologize to Ghana for di way dem put hand inside slave trade.

Na di Danish foreign minister wey be Anders Samuelson talk say di buy-buy and sell-sell of black people na very bad thing wey be say nobodi go fit forget am for di history of dis world.

Im add say nothing go fit make anybodi call di slave trade better thing.

All dis one happen as Queen Magarethe II dey lead big-big ogas and madam dem from Demark to Ghana for official visit.

E don tay, since 1750, na im dem turn Ghana into Danish crown colony; during dis time, na im dem dey sell African slaves well-well for world.

Even though di Danish government sell di part of Ghana wey dem get to Britain for 1814, by dat time thousands of Ghanaians na im dem don already sell enter slavery for Europe and America.

Denmark dey among di first countries to comot slavery finish, for 1792.

BBC tori person Thomas Naadi wey dey di capital Accra say di Queen visit na to make sure say both countries continue to join bodi, dey waka together on top market matter.

Dem don dey discuss plenty other things, including illegal immigration.

Di two countries also agree to put eye on top human trafficking dey, and all di palava wey dey bring poverty, unemployment and fight-fight.

Queen Magarethe II visit suppose end on 23 November, and dis na di first time wey anybodi from Denmark dia royal family go visit any West African country.

Ghana New Agency say di Queen go use dis her visit to enter cultural centers dem, conference sef and she go even check Danish projects for Accra quick-quick.

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