Zimbabwe new president Mnangagwa don talk

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Who be Emmerson Mnangagwa, di man wey replace Robert Mugabe as president?

Zimbabwe dia new President Emmerson Mnangagwa say time don reach to "rebuild" di country.

Di man wey collect power from former President Robert Mugabe say im dey very humbled, and "while we no go fit change di past, we go fit do something about di future."

President Mnangagwa, 75, talk dis one after dem swear am in as interim president and commander-in-chief.

E add say e no forget "di many Zimbabweans wey come from different political (parties) and race wey don help to make dis day."

Dis one don end di palava for inside government wey force Mugabe to waka comot from state house on Tuesday 21 November 2017, after di Zimbabwe military takeover for a few days.

Mnangagwa still hail Mugabe for im speech - even though people no too clap - dey call am "father, mentor, comrade-in-arms and my leader."

Di new President na long time loyal Zanu-PF senior member and very close supporter of Robert Mugabe but on 6 November, 2017, Mugabe sack Mnangagwa as di vice president of Zimbabwe, and na dis one make di military chook hand inside di whole matter to change di country leader.

Na for di national sports stadium dem swear in Mnangagwa, in front of thousands of im supporters, very important people and foreign diplomats.

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Image example Buses full wey dey go di National Sports Stadium for di ceremony

Plenty buses begin carry people go di 60,000 seater stadium for early morning go see for di first time as fresh blood enter government.

Mugabe, wey don rule Zimbabwe for 37 years, no show for di ceremony.

Mugabe don clock 93 years and im no too strong. Tori be say wetin cause trouble for am na as im dey dribble people like Maradona, dey use style arrange for im wife to take over when im comot for office.

But opposition dey talk say Mnangagwa na bad person wey no get heart and na im dey use remote, control di military coup wey carry am enter power.

For Zimbabwe, dem dey call Mnangagwa, ''Di Crocodile'' because im way no pure and na im dey in charge of di killing of opposition supporters for di 1980's.

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Image example Dem dey call Mnangagwa, ''Di Crocodile' because of di sense wey im dey take do politics

South Africa President Jacob Zuma no dey di ceremony because im dey welcome Angola president wey dey visit im country.

But Mr Zuma don hail Mr Mugabe before for di way di former president contribute unto di freedom of di Southern Africa region.

Mugabe don rule Zimbabwe since independence for 1980 and until dis week na di oldest president for world.

One thing wey Mugabe do for im country people na education. Zimbabwe get one of di highest number of people for Africa wey fit read and write.

But dem no get work because di economy for Zimbabwe don pafuka because of di way Mugabe manage am anyhow.

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Image example 90% of Zimbabweans no get work but education level high

Plenty young Zimbabweans people never experience another president for di country before because Mugabe no wan comot from government.

Mugabe rig election after election and even after plenty international punishment wey no allow Zimbabwe economy grow, Mugabe at 93, no show sign say im don ready to retire.

But di strong glue im use to hold power begin loose for Tuesday wen parliament sidon to impeach am.

Mugabe and im wife Grace face don scarce since di palava first start for last weekend, but people for Zimbabwe dey expect say di new government no go disturb dem.

Image example Former president Robert Mugabe and first lady Grace Mugabe

Many for Zimbabwe hope say Mnangagwa go bring change to di poor country.

Unemployment reach over 90 per cent and Mnangagwa bin promise say im go create jobs for di country.

"We wan grow our economy, we wan peace, we wan job, job, job," Mr Mnangagwa tell people as dem dey hail am for Harare.

About Emmerson Mnangagwa

Dem born Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for southwestern Zvishavana district, central Zimbabwe on 15 September 1942. Im finish primary school for dia before im family run go Zambia.

Im grandpapa na traditional leader and im papa na I-no-gree person wey dey fight di white people for Zimbabwe and dia laws wey no favour di black people.

For 1966, Mnangagwa bin join I-no-gree group wey dey fight to get independence from Britain, and na for dia dem send am go do military training for China and Egypt.

Image example Mnangagwa dey close to di Zimbabwe military

Dem arrest Mnangagwa, come sentence am to death but later dem reduce im sentence to 10 years for prison because of im young age.

After di independence for 1980, tori claim say im dey in charge of kill-kill of thousands of opposition ethnic group wey be di Ndebeles from Matabeleland and Midlands area.

Mnangagwa be person wey people believe say get plenty money and im fit use dis one take enter power.

One US diplomatic report wey comot for WikiLeaks for 2008 claim say Mnangagwa don make "too much money" during 1998 wey Zimbabwe send military go Democratic Republic of Congo wey get plenty gold and diamond.

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Image example Di Crocodile na di person wey many people believe say go be president after Mugabe

Full Name: Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

Nickname: "Ngwena" (Di Crocodile)

Born: 15-09-1946


  • First Vice President of Zimbabwe
  • Minister of Defence | Government of Zimbabwe 2009 - 2013
  • Minister of Rural Housing and Social Amenities | Government of Zimbabwe 2005 - 2009
  • Minister of National Security | Government of Zimbabwe 1980 - 1988


  • Hodgson Technical College City and Guilds | Industrial Building Course - 1960
  • University of London/University of Zambia | LLB - 1974
  • University of Zambia | Post-graduate degree - 1975

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