Top 3 things sharp girls go buy for Black Friday

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Image example Na from America dem bin start dis Black Friday tradition

People sabi November 24th as one thing -Black Friday! Dis na di day wey different stores dey reduce di price of dia market well-well, dey give people better-better prices.

Na from US na im dis Black Friday bin start as di Friday wey dey follow Thanksgiving Thursday. Dem dey use am mark di beginning of Christmas shopping.

But now, no be only Americans dey do Black Friday; e don spread reach other areas for world, including Africa - especially for South Africa and Nigeria.

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Some people don claim say Black Friday na di biggest shopping day for di whole world.

Plenty online shopping stores and even offline shops for Africa dey follow give dia customers dis awoof.

E get some people wey dey wait till Black Friday before dem do any kain serious shopping.

Some people feel say as correct babe, dis na di best time to buy all those things wey your eye don chook inside since beginning of di year.

For most girls, dis na some of di top 5 things wey go fit dey di list of wetin to buy dis Black Friday:

1. Human hair

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Whether na Brazilian hair or Caribbean weave, everybody know say original human hair dey cost well-well. Di price of three full bundles of some weave wey go reach to fix full hair fit reach almost $500. No matter as hair wan cost, most girls go still wan buy am. So for those wey fit wan slay and you no wan drink garri di next day, Black Friday awoof fit dey there for you.

2. Makeup

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To wear makeup dey fine for face but no be chikini money dem dey use buy am, especially di big-big brands wey dey market. For dis Black Friday, most girls and even makeup artistes go fut dey target to buy all di market wey dem go fit buy.

3. Phone

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If you don buy correct human hair, do fine makeup finish, di thing wey remain na better phone to complete di slay. Most of di stores wey dey sell phones dey give plenty awoof on top dia phone for Black Friday.

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