Zimbabwe: How Mnangagwa take different from Mugabe?

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Dis na di start of new democracy for we country. Na Emmerson Mnangagwa carry dis one tell im supporters for di first time wey im talk for public.

For 50 years Mr Mnangagwa bin dey follow former president Robert Mugabe for back like shadow.

Im be Mr Mugabe padi, right-hand man and dey learn from am.

Im dey with Mr Mugabe when dem dey fight white minority rule and after dem form liberation government.

People dey talk say na im do bad-bad things to oppress people so Mr Mugabe go remain president.

But e get some things wey Mr Mnangagwa take different from im former oga.

E no too young, no too old

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Image example Young people dey among di thousands of people wey dey di ceremony to swear in Mr Mnangagwa

Former president Mugabe carry twenty years take senior Mr Mnangagwa wey dey replace am.

But argument still dey on top whether Mr Mnangagwa be 71 or 75 years. Im be use age lie when dem catch am and wan hang am on top di fight wey im fight for independence.

Dem say Mr Mnangagwa no dey stubborn like Mr Mugabe. Im no mind to change im mind if dat one go help am get wetin im want.

As elections fit happen next year, Zanu-PF, wey dey rule di country dey hope say im go help dem bring young people to dia side.

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Image example Mr Mnangagwa (R) don work well-well under Mr Mugabe

But like Mugabe, im na no-nonsese man wey dey in charge of di security agency wey kill-kill people for Matabeleland for 1980s. E reach 20,000 people wey die sake of say dem suspect say dem want wan fight government.

And plenty organization wey dey fight for people right dey accuse say na im oppress opposition supporters for di 2008 election.

So people dey wonder whether im go do free and fair election.

Im dey practical

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Image example Dem welcome Emmerson Mnangagwa like hero

Even as im be di kain person wey get free mind, im dey also use sense.

Tori be say im don do secret meeting with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but BBC no fit confirm dat one.

E never sure whether im go gree do unity government wey people dey cover mouth talk, but at least dis kain talk sef no fit happen one week ago.

Di main thing wey go dey Mr Mnangagwa mind na to show di world say everything don settle to normal for im country. Dis one go convince people to come do business.

Im ready to do business

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Image example Dis people dey wait to collect US dollars from one money transfer shop

Di BBC's Stanley Kwenda for Harare talk say people see Mr Mnangagwa as person wey sabi business.

Im try to protect di farm wey white farmers dey use produce before government carry di land give black farmers dem.

Mr Mnangagwa be finance minister for 1995 when di economy no too bad.

And for di speech after im come back di country from South Africa, na how to create job im talk pass.

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