Finland: Bakery wan use cricket bread stop hunger

Finland Image copyright Reuters
Image example Finland just remove ban for di use of insects inside food.

One bakery wan give out bread wey dem use cricket do to help stop hunger for di world.

Fazer Bakery for Finland say di bread go dey available for shop dem on Friday, na di first time dem dey do am.

One loaf go get 70 crickets inside wey dem dry and grind, dem go mix am with flour, wheat and seed.

For 2013, di United Nations say e reach like 2 billion people wey dey chop insects for di world.

According to UN, na more than 1,900 types of insects people dey use for food.

For 2013, di UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) start one programme to encourage people make dem dey farm and eat insect.

Juhani Sibakov, head of innovation at Fazer, say di idea don dey since, but dem no fit launch am until government for Finland approve am.

Early dis month Finland remove di ban to sell insects for food.

Five other European countries wey allow am na United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Denmark.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example one loaf of bread go get like 70 crickets wey dem dey import come Netherlands

Mr Sibakov say di bread get more protein pass normal wheat bread.

"People wey go eat am go get correct protein and im go make am soon, to dey eat food wey insect dey insect no go hard people."

Di bread go dey shop for Finland capital, Helsinki. Sara Koivisto, one student wey dey dia say she "no know di difference".

"E dey taste like bread."

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