Libya: We dey investigate sell-sell of migrants

Female Libya migrants on 17 October 2017 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis African migrants bin arrive one naval base for Tripoli, Libya on 17 October 2017, after coastguards save dem from rubber boat

Libya government say dem dey put eye, hand and leg to check tori wey comot, show people dey sell African migrants as slaves.

Na di country Interior Minister Aref al-Khodja tell sabi people for Tripoli say "direct instructions don dey ground to form investigative committee so dat we go know di truth, come still capture di wrongdoers, and those wey dey responsible, carry dem go front of court."

Na video wey CNN carry dey show something wey be like say some people dey do buying and selling of African migrants inside Libya.

Di matter turn to serious thing sotay people for world begin halla, and plenty others protest for parts of Europe and Africa.

Oga al-Khodja say now di government "dey wait for di results of di investigations wey I think don dey close."

Di tori video show wetin CNN call auction of men wey dem dey give to Libyans to work for dem inside farm; dem sell di men for $400.

Na so many Libya people vex well-well, some of dem point finger give Europe, say di way authorities dey battle illegal immigration to Italy na im join to things wey dey allow people treat migrants anyhow for Libya.

Another side na say di United Nations (UN) for Libya don talk for Wednesday say dem dey "pursue di matter with di Libyan authorities to do arrangement wey go protect migrants from bad-bad human rights abuses dem."

Na tori agency Reuters report am.

Dat same Wednesday na im coast guard say dem rescue 1,100 migrants from 11 boats, while e pass 200 wey dem pick up on Thursday.

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