Human trafficking: Interpol save 500 from five African countries

Stop Human trafficiking ship on Mediterranean

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis photo from August 13, 2017 dey show banner wey say 'Stop Human Trafficking' e dey for di Mediterranean Sea, part of where dem dey carry migrants wey dey try enter Europe illegally.

Interpol say na 500 victims of human trafficking dem don rescue, after dem waka do police operation across five African countries.

Na almost half of those wey dem save be pickin, and 40 suspected traffickers na im dem arrest for inside dis big operation.

BBC tori person for Dakar Alex Duval Smith say Interpol announce say all di arrests happen for Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal.

Interpol na di join-bodi of police forces from all over di world.

For dis matter, dem say one case involve 16-year-old Nigerian girl wey dem force enter prostitution for Mali, to pay back money wey dem pay for her to travel.

For other victims, dem send dem enter streets to dey beg dey go.

Dis operation na something wey police dem for France, Ivory Coast and Cameroon do, and Interpol say di 40 people wey dem arrest go face di law for di countries where dem arrest dem.

Dis ones go face offences wey include human trafficking, forced labour and child exploitation, where person dey use pickin do hard work, dey treat dem anyhow.

Tori be say di 500 victims - wey get 236 pickin among dem - don dey collect help from di International Organisation for Migration, to travel go back house.