Egypt: President Sisi go use big force deal with attackers

North Sinai al-Rawda mosque attack, Egypt Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di militants shoot ambulance wey wan help people wey die and injure

Egypt President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi don promise say im go answer back with force wey go pass another level after ''terrorists'' kill 235 people for one North Sinai mosque during Friday prayers.

Dem bomb di al-Rawda mosque wey dey for di town of Bir al-Abed, come shoot worshippers as dem run comot.

Egypt military say dem don fire missile reach di area wey militants bin dey hide for North Sinai.

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Image example Di al-Rawda mosque wey dey for di town of Bir al-Abed na 130 miles (211km) from Cairo

Nobody don come out talk na dem dey behind di worst attack for Egypt history for many many years.

Egypt soldiers don dey fight Islamist militants for di Sinai Peninsula tey-tey.

Dis militants wey get connection with people wey dey call demself Islamic State (IS) don carry out plenty attack for dis area before.

E normal make militants target soldier, police and Christian church dem but dis latest attack wey affect Sufi Muslims for dis al-Rawda mosque don surprise people for Egypt.

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Image example Egypt President Fattah al-Sisi say im go use heavy force deal with di militants

''Wetin dey happen be say terrorists dey try stop di military fight against terrorism,'' Mr Sisi talk just hours after di attack.

''Di military and police go revenge our heroes wey die with full force and make Egypt safe.''

One army talk-talk person say air force jet don bomb di place terrorists dey hide dia equipment, weapons and di motor wey dem use for di attack.

Egypt don announce three days of national mourning.

Image example North Sinai na di headquarters of Egypt militants wey get connection with IS

Wetin happen?

Dozens of men with gun surround di mosque and begin shoot worshippers wey dey try run comot as bomb dey blow for inside di mosque.

Di bad-bad people use dia motor block different corner of di mosque so people wey dey live for di area no fit near di mosque say dem wan help.

Dem even shoot ambulance wey try help.

E go reach 100 people wey wound and hospitals don full with people wey need help, sotay e don become wahala.

Dis na di worst attack for Egypt history for many years.

Bir al-Abed na 130 miles (211km) from Cairo.

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