Libya: Over 30 die for Mediterranean as dem wan enter Europe

Libyan coastguard dey help people wey survive for one boat wey sink as e dey cross Africa go Europe for August 2017 Image copyright MAHMUD TURKIA/Getty
Image example Young girls wey dey find better life dey always plenty pass among people wey wan cross Africa go Europe

At least 31 people wey wan comot from dia country go Europe don die, after dia boat sink for water near Libya on Saturday.

Libyan coastguard oga dem wey confirm di tori say dem don carry people wey survive go back to Tripoli port.

Most Africa people wey want port from dia country dey first gather for Libya as di main point where dem go cross enter Europe.

Na why smugglers dey always pack people inside boats wey most times dey break down or sink for river.

Libya: We dey investigate sell-sell of migrants

Most people wey want leave dia country na international ships dey pick dem when dem sink for river come take dem to Italy, where over 115,000 migrants don land since 2017.

Between July and November 2017 di number of people wey wan cross sea to enter Europe bin drop, but e change dis week with more and more people wey dey cross.

Before dis tori happen, e never tey when dem bury 26 Nigerian girls for Italy after dem die as dem try to pass dis same Mediterranean go Europe.

Na nearly 3,000 people wey want port from dia country na im record show say don die or dey miss, after dem try to cross to Europe through sea dis year, plenty of dem meet dia end between Libya and Italy.

International Organization for Migration talk on Friday say since 2000 di Mediterranean don turn to "di deadliest border for world."

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