Ivory Coast President: 'Carry slave buyers go court'

Ivory Coast dia President Alassane Ouattara don raise mouth call di International Criminal Court to face criminals wey dey sell black African migrants inside slave markets for Libya.

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Image example Dis African migrants bin arrive one naval base for Tripoli, Libya on 17 October 2017, after coastguards save dem from rubber boat

Dis im word dey come after plenty people for world halla on top tori wey CNN put as video, wey show say e be like people dey buy men as farm worker for Libya, after dem smuggle dem across di Sahara desert.

News agency Reuters say di report disgrace Libya well-well, and even Europe, wey don dey put more hope for Libya dia security forces to stop migrants, make dem no dey cross di Mediterranean sea anyhow enter Europe.

"I shock well-well. I think dis thing dey unacceptable, disgusting," na wetin Ouattara talk for inside interview on top France dia 24 English service.

"Those wey dey commit such crimes as I reason am suppose ... dey pursued by di ICC ... to dey condemn no dey enough."

Things don serious sotay some West African countries don recall dia ambassadors to Libya over di tori.

On Thursday na im Libya government say dem dey investigate di reports.

Libya: We dey investigate sell-sell of migrants

Di matter sef touch France for chest; na on Wednesday dem say make United Nations (UN) Security Council do session quick-quick, on top human trafficking for Libya and dem say sanctions fit enter.

But many West Africans and even di UN Human Rights office point finger dey blame Europe say dem dey contribute to dis human rights abuses because of di way dem dey ask Libya to reduce migrants wey dey enter, yet dem no dey put eye to check how Libya dey do all dis waka.

Ouattara own be say na African countries suppose do dia oen work, so day young people no go dey run comot, dey risk dia life.

E also say make Europe too open dia mind about migrants wey wan enter di right way.

"Legal migration ... suppose dey encouraged...I go tell Europe and Europeans make dem no dey fear, because di African youth fit bring plenty things to di Europeans. Na wetin we dey see for ... music, football, inside artistic ... activities dem."

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