Girl last birthday present from papa wey die 5 years ago

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Image example Bailey Sellers and her papa

Wen Bailey Sellers nack 21 years, e suppose be special birthday wey go sweet her for belle but she dull dis year because di gift wey her Papa send give am na di last one she go ever collect because di man don die.

Her Papa, wey die because of cancer, don drop money with one flower shop since 2012, make dem dey supply im pickin with flowers for five years.

She don dey collect di present dem together with letter since she be 16 years.

For dis year letter, her Papa talk say: "I go join you for every waka you go do for dis life. If you dey find me, make you just look around and na dia I go dey."

Na for social media na im Bailey, wey dey live for US, enter talk dis tori wey her Papa do for am and she finish am with, ''I dey miss you plenty daddy.''

Image copyright Sellers Bailey/Twitter
Image example Papa gift to im pickin

She also show picture of di letter, flowers and one old photo from wen she be pickin.

For di letter her Papa bin write: "Dis na di last love letter l go send you until we see again.'"

"I no wan make you cry for me because I dey better place."'

Image copyright Sellers Bailey/Twitter
Image example Last love letter from papa

Many people don chook mouth for dis tori for social media, including @thesn0wmexican wey talk say: "Wen l carry eye see dis letter for internet I wan cry. l dey greet you sorry for wetin you don lose. Dis letter and present na like sugar and salt together. Dis thing wey your Papa do na food for person heart, e move me.''

Bailey answer back say: "Me sef know. Na every year I dey wish my birthday go show sharp-sharp because during dis time, e dey make me feel like my Papa still dey ground with me. But dis year na di last time I go get dis kain present and e dey pain me."

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