Nigeria: Why government wan start jollificate tax

Odion Ighalo drinks Champagne to celebrate World Cup match Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigerian footballer, Odion Ighalo, dey drink champagne to celebrate World Cup 2018 qualifying match between Nigeria and Zambia; taxes wey Nigeria dey plan fit affect how people dey drink champagne.

Federal government for Nigeria wan begin put special tax on top things wey people dey use jollificate, like luxury cars and alcohol.

E mean say person wey dey always buy or use dis products dem go pay small extra money on top as tax.

Local media dey report say di government dey hope to make reach N2.5 billion (wey be about $6.9 million) on top all dis special tax.

Apart from dis, Nigeria wan raise another N60 billion from taxes on top cigarettes and alcohol.

Di country Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Hajia Zainab Ahmad, say dis new tax go help raise more money from Nigeria non-oil sector.

Nigeria dey take all im eye find money because of the deficit for dia 2018 budget.

Deficit na when all di money wey government plan to spend, dey more than the money wey dem dey make from tax and other things.

To reduce di deficit, government all over di world go usually reduce di way dem dey spend money, dem fit no dey borrow-borrow like before, or dem fit even increase tax.

As e be so, na dis tax money na im Nigeria finance ministry dey focus on now.

Rich-rich people go get tax letter

Di search don begin nack even those wey get money well-well.

Today na im at least 500 high net-worth people go get letter from di Ministry of Finance, dis one na to ask dem to declare dia assets.

Dis one mean say di person go talk all di things wey dem get, write all dia businesses and property wey dey dia hand, so dat Nigeria go fit calculate how much dem suppose dey pay.

Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, say: "di first 500 letters don ready, and dem go go out dis week...our advice na make every person and every company check demself, to correct any under-declaration whether dem get letter or not."

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