ECOWAS Court: Sam-Sumana sack dey illegal

Presidents of Guinea and Sierra Leone Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma (L) dey greet Guinea President Alpha Conde for 2015, di same year wey Mr Koroma sack Mr Sam-Sumana

Join-bodi of West African countries ECOWAS dia Court of Justice just rule say di way dem sack Samuel Sam-Sumana, di former Vice President of Sierra Leone dey illegal.

Di court also order di government to pay Mr. Sam-Sumana all di salaries and allowances dem wey dem dey owe am since di sack for 2015.

Di former Vice President na im drag dis sack matter with President Ernest Bai Koroma.

BBC tori person, Chris Ewokor, wey dey inside di court as dem siddon for Abuja say: "dis judgement be like cool belle for Mr Sam-Sumana. Di court gree with am say President Koroma no give am right to fair hearing."

Part of wetin di former Vice President dey find na say make di government pay am $250 million as no-vex money for di sacking. E continue to say di way wey President Bai Kororma remove am no follow di law.

Na for 2015 dem comot Mr Sam-Sumana was dismissed as Vice President say im run comot im office, go find asylum for di US Embassy inside di capital Freetown.

But Sam-Sumana claim say im dey find protection, and im life dey for danger because e no gree allow President Koroma to change di constitution to allow am run for third term again.

Di government deny all di things wey Sam-Sumana talk, and dem never reply to di judgement by di ECOWAS Court.

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