Uhuru Kenyatta promise to unite Kenya for inauguration

Uhuru Kenyatta in the Nairobi stadium, 28 November Image copyright Reuters
Image example Mr Kenyatta go begin serve im second term as president

Uhuru Kenyatta put hand for chest, say im go 'join' Kenya together as dem swear am in for second term as president.

Im talk for di inauguration for di capital Nairobi, where im say im go try to chook some of di opposition idea dem "in di spirit of inclusivity".

Opposition no show face for di ceremony.

Two people bin die when police clash with opposition supporters for di city.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga announce say im go swear imself in as president next month.

Earlier today, Kenyan police dey fire tear gas to control crowd of thousands of people wey dey try force dia way enter Kasarani stadium for Nairobi, to attend di swearing-in ceremony.

Wetin next for Kenya?

Odinga: 'Dey go swear me in as president for December'

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Some of Kenyatta supporters dey lucky pass, as dem see seat inside di stadium
Image copyright Reuters
Image example People bin fall down as police fire tear gas outside di stadium

Di Supreme Court bin cancel di presidential election wey dem do for August because of wetin dem call "irregularities."

Mr Kenyatta win di re-run, wey happen on 26 October, by 98% of di vote, on top say na only 39% voters come out.

Dem also swear-in President Kenyatta deputy wey be William Ruto.

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Image example Performers from Maasai tribe dey among those wey entertain for di ceremony

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