West Africa: How stockfish turn to oga for pot

Market woman and customer wey dey trade stock fish for Oyingbo market
Image example Di relationship between Nigeria and stockfish na from Biafra war e take start

"Di taste of stockfish na life....we no fit cook without am."

Na wetin women talk for Oyingbo market agree for Lagos, Nigeria as dem dey select and buy dia own.

Stockfish na cod fish wey dem dey dry for three months till e strong well-well like wood wey dem dey use for chewing stick.

And dis one na proper chewing material for soup dem, even sef some people dey put am for inside dem jollof.

Dis person say im jollof rice "make sense because I add stock fish and scent leaf."

Stock fish begin to dey gain popularity during di Biafran war according to Norway Historian, Frank Jensen, wey talk say Norway use stockfish to help di victims, as dem bin dey face humanitarian palava.

Dis na because dem no need to put am for fridge onto say e dry and e get protein and vitamins wey dey fight against kwashiorkor - di major sickness wey bin dey affect people during di war.

Image example According to those wey dey export stockfish, to make better stockfish di cod fish must dry for cold and dry environment for three months

Stockfish better flavour dey come from di drying process wey dey cold and dry for outside, without say dem add anything for di fish bodi.

But stockfish no dey come from Nigeria, na imported product wey dey land from Norway.

E important for Norway because na dis fishery business dem take build di European nation till dem discover oil. Even sef, fish still be dia second biggest place wey Norway dey get money, and na mainly because of Nigerians love stock fish well-well.

Image example Stockfish dey bring in di second biggest money aftter oil for Norway

And no be only Nigerians dey use am - dem neighbours for Ghana, Cameroon, Togo and Benin dey use stockfish too, also because Nigerians dey go live for dis places dem.

For many African families, stockfish don move from food for those wey dey inside war, to oga for inside di cooking pot.

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