One group say 10,000 Somali refugees don run go Mogadishu

Di camps for Mogadishu don already get plenty refugees inside before new ones dey come join. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Di camps for Mogadishu don already get plenty refugees inside before new ones dey come join

Fight-fight don force more than 10,000 people from Somalia to run leave dia house go hide for di capital Mogadishu, dis November. Dat na wetin Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), talk.

Di agency talk say di people wey dey run from di recent violence wey dey increase for di middle and lower Shabelle region for di country, don make di people plenty more-more for di refugee camps wey don already full before.

About one million Somalis na im no get where to stay since January, some of di main reason na because of drought.

Victor Moses, wey be Norwegian Refugee Council director for Somalia talk say:

"We dey see plenty family wey run from fight-fight dey come di overcrowded camps for inside Mogadishu."

"Di camps already don dey full with people wey drought dey dia area and those people dey manage to survive for di small-small shelter wey dey inside di camp."

"Di double shock to people wey dey run from katakata and those wey dey run from drought mean say dem go need to endure plenty crises at once, and dis fit push dem to serious condition."

Di NRC don begin dey call make dey quick-quick stop di fighting and bomb-bomb wey dey happen for di region so dat dey go fit stop refugees not to dey run leave dia house.

Di katakata wey dey happen for Somalia na because of di fight-fight between militant Islamist group al-Shabab, and di government wey UN and African Union (AU) dey support.

Di US don carry out many air strikes for di country over di years to target al-Shabab, but people dey accuse di US say dem also kill civilian too.

Kenya don also trowway bomb to target al-Shababa too.

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