Zimbabwe: Mugabe birthday go be national holiday

Mr Mugabe still remains for di capital, Harare, and dey say e no get any plans to leave di country. Image copyright AFP
Image example Mugabe still remain for di capital, Harare, and say e no get any plans to leave di country

Zimbabwe government don declare former president Robert Mugabe birthday as public holiday for every year to honour im contribution to di country.

Di decision to celebrate Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day on 21 February, dey put am for record on Friday - di day President Emmerson Mnangagwa enter office.

For August, Mugabe government been decide to declare im birthday as national holiday, after di youth wing of di ruling Zanu-PF party try to convince others to agree.

Last week, President Mnangagwa talk say dey need to give respect and recognition to dia former president as one of di founders and leaders of Zimbabwe.

During Mnangagwa acceptance speech for im inauguration on Friday, e say:

"To me personally, e still remain father, mentor, comrade-in-arms and my leader."

Dis week, people for Zimbabwe dey expect di new President Emmerson Mnangagwa to form im cabinet.

Mugabe resign last week after military chook mouth for im government and people for di country begin do protest make e comot.

Di police and army wan do joint patrol as di country dey return back to normal.

Dey don already receive report of stealing and di illegal way people dey enter properties, especially farms and houses.

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