5 ways to protect your phone and information inside am

Mobile Phone
Image example Mobile phone na target for hackers wey wan thief information from inside am

Nothing dey perfect for dis life, and dat one include di security wey dey on top our phone and computers dem. Manufacturers dey do dia part to protect dia customers but di main thing na say people need to find way to protect demsef from thief-thief people dem.

Apple wey bi one of the biggest IT company for di world, come out yesterday with solution for dia macOS High Sierra customers dem, after one Turkey security researcher discover easy way for anybodi to enter anoda person computer, even if dem no sabi di password.

Mobile phone don dey very popular and hackers no dey waste time to take advantage of any security problem wey dey on top am, begin thief ATM card/bank information, passwords for email, and even hack enter your social media account to control am.

Dis na top 5 things wey go help to protect your phone so that you no go wake up one morning to find say all your private Facebook photo don full social media blog everywhere.

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Image example Hacker fit dey anoda country dey enter your phone where you dey

Update ya Software - Manufacturers dem know say some people no get two job - na just to find way to take spoil market for dem. So, from time to time, manufacturers go come out with small-small software wey customers need to install for dia phones to protect am more.

Most times, dis software (or firmware as some dey call am) dey come directly from di manufacturers and all you need to do na check dia website or go inside phone setting wey go allow dem to install am quick-quick.

But wait o...before you update, prepare enough internet data because e fit chop am small.

Image example Na 1.083 billion people dey use Facebook everyday

Free WiFi - If you like to dey find free WiFi internet up and down so that you go fit download film to watch later, just know say bad people fit don use dat one enter your phone to do bad-bad things.

Di best thing na to avoid free internet as to dey carry join am fit expose your phone for hackers. Unless na person or company wey you trust dey share any WiFi with you.

Awoof dey turn belle!

Apps - Na Apps dey run everything you use on top your phone, from social media, to chat, to even di normal calling, but some apps dey wey person no even dey use.

Dis kind apps be big security risk since most people no dey update apps wey dem no too dey use.

Another important thing na to dey careful about di who do di app wey you wan download, especially if di app na new one, or if you notice say plenty people no dey use am.

Website - Like Apps, make you no dey enter anyhow website. Shine your eye well-well before you click website link and if your browser advice you say di website no dey safe, e better make you humble yourself and listen.

Afterall, di browser sabi di website pass you - na im work.

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Image example Plenty private information dey on top people phone now

Password and Lock - Make e no dey tay before you change your phone password/PIN/pattern. To dey do am every three-three month no too much, especially if you get very fine phone wey people just like to dey touch.

And you fit set am so that if thief enter wrong password reach like 5 times, di phone fit erase all di information on top am.

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