Things wey you fit expect from AU-EU summit

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Important mata wey concern Africa and Europe including migration palava and youth opportunities dey among di things wey dem go discuss for AU-EU summit.

Di number six Africa and Europe summit wey go happen Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 November, go happen for Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast.

Dem go discuss different-different mata, but dis na some important things wey dem suppose talk about.

Give youth chance

As half of Africa population dey under 20, dem plan to look di problem through di eye of young people.

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini say, young Africa people go follow participate well for di summit.

Inside di youth agenda na education, create employment, governance, peace and security, climate change, culture and arts.

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Common strategy for migration

Migration na very big issue wey dey ground for both Europe and Africa.

EU wan make border security dey tighter and make AU countries dey agree to collect people wey dem deport from Europe.

Meanwhile AU too want make EU make am legally possible for Africa people wey wan go Europe stay short-time.

EU also get External Investment Plan (EIP) wey dem wan propose to African leaders but dem no sure how e go be. EU headquarters for Brussels say di EIP go help "reduce migration pressure."

Rethink future of AU_EU partnership

AU-EU relationship be like na k-leg, but both sides dey hope say with di summit, dem go fit improve am.

So far di document wey dey govern dia relationship na di Cotonou Agreement wey dem sign for 2000 but no be all di African countries dem sign am.

Dis na di first time wey AU and EU dey do meeting, before-before na EU and some African countries dey meet.

Na 83 head of state dem go attend di sixth AU-EU summit. 55 of dem na African leaders and di remaining 28 na from Europe.

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

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