Odinga: 'Dey go swear me in as president for December'

Raila Odinga tell im supporters say im own swearing in go happen December 12. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Raila Odinga tell im supporters say im own swearing in go happen December 12.

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga don tell crowd of people say e go hold assembly wey dem go for swear am in as president on December 12.

Odinga give dis announcement to im supporters wey gather along one road for Nairobi Eastland area after police go close di location where e been dey plan to hold rally before.

Minutes after Odinga talk to di crowd of people wey gather, riot police troway tear gas give im convoy and pursue di crowd comot.

All dis one dey happen as dem dey swear in Uhuru Kenyatta as President for second term inside office.

Di city of Nairobi dey divided during di inauguration for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

For one side, people dey happy for stadium on top di swearing in while for di other side protesters wey dey vex go block road and begin troway stone give police and some ruling party supporters.

Some of di protesters dey shout: "No Raila, no peace," and others dey hala: "We no recognise Uhuru Kenyatta."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some of Raila Odinga supporters dey shout "No Raila, no peace."

Kenyatta na im win di repeat presidential election wey di country do for 26 October but Raila Odinga no gree contest for di election because e dey claim say pashaa go dey.

Di Supreme Court been cancel di first presidential election, wey Kenya do for August and give order make dem re-do another one.

People wey support Kenyatta - wey win 98 percent of di October vote want make Odinga relax do talk -talk with am and move on but Odinga say any talk of unity dey equal to as if im surrender.

E dey accuse di ruling party say dem steal di election, dem dey corrupt well-well, and dey abandon plenty areas for di country, including where Odinga supporters plenty wey dey for west side of di country.

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