Value of Bitcoin don pass $10,000

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Image example Di first thing dem use bitcoin buy na pizza to chop

Di worth of one single Bitcoin don pass $10,000 (wey reach like £7,493).

Bitcoin wey be e-currency don reach dis level for di first time, after e just pass $9,000.

Dis new standard don show serious rise for di crypto-currency wey bin dey trade below $1,000 for di beginning of 2017.

Some experts believe say di asset still fit grow pass as e dey now but others feel say e fit crash at any time because e no get strong backbone.

Di worth of all di Bitcoins wey dey world don pass $167bn.

Bitcoin bin reach $1,000 for late 2013 but e bin drop well-well before e come begin rise again, reach where e dey now.

E no too dey clear wetin dey make di money rise reach like dis, especially because some financial regulators don recently limit as people dey use am.

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Tori be say one thing wey fit don help di currency na di way one US derivatives company CME Group announce say dem get plan to launch Bitcoin product before 2017 go end - something wey come make people get confidence for di currency.

Plenty sabi-people for di industry believe say di sharp-sharp rise of bitcoin no fit dey steady and e go soon drop.

Plenty Africans don dey use am

Plenty people for world including young people for Africa dey try make money from dis crypto-currency. Some of dem dey even enter social media to yarn about Bitcoin.

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Image example Dis Twitter user Joesemmy dey really vez for people wey still dey carry last for dis bitcoin mata.

Di first time dem produce Bitcoin na for 2009 and e take time well-well before people begin use am as real money to do buying and selling.

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Image example Dis person feel say people fit dey fear bitcoin because of how MMM take crash last year for Nigeria.

One of di first ever thing dem use bitcoin buy na two pizzas for chop, wey cost 10,000 Bitcoins.

Dis bitcoin boom don make other online money begin show face. One of dem na Ethereum wey worth about $480 but for di beginning of 2017, e worth only $10.

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Image example Dis person for social media dey among plenty people wey no too understand dis crypto-currency.

Even though say di interest dey there, people still get fear to put dia money inside Bitcoin, tori fit be say na because dem no too understand as di currency dey work or because dem no just wan lose dia money.

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