Small pickin wey dey use social media don increase

Small girl wey dey use tablet. Image copyright Daniel Mullings/iStock
Image example Plenty mama and papa dem no even sabi say 13 years na di age limit for pickin to join social media.

One report from UK agency Ofcom don show say half of di small-small pickin wey dey between di age of 11 and 12 get social media account.

Di matter serious sotay some media people wey dey put eye for news even talk say na from social media plenty pickin dem dey get dia news.

Di report find out say 46% of pickins wey dey 11 years, 51% of pickins wey dey 12 years and 28% of pickins wey dey 10 years don get social media profile.

All dis one no suppose be so, because the lowest age wey di social media companies put as law na 13 years.

Alos, Mama and papa dem wey sabi di correct age limit for pickin to join social media dey very low. Eight out of 10 mama and papa dem wey dia pickins dey use Instagram or Snapchat no sabi di age limit.

So dem no fit know say dia pickin no suppose dey social media.

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Four out of 10 mama and papa dem talk say dem fit allow dia pickin dey social media even though say di pickin neva reach di minimum age.

Di charity group NSPCC wey dey UK say social networks dey comot eye for dis mata.

Di group say e don tey when sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat don fail to dey protect small pickins wey dey join social media. Dem say government need to chook mouth for di mata sharp-sharp.

Some parents no mind to allow dia pickin join social media

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Image example "Social media dey help me understand my pickin."

Tayo Badejo na young mama of 12-year-old girl wey get account for Instagram. She say na peer pressure make her let her pickin join Instagram even though say she neva reach di 13 years age limit.

As Tayo talk: "Social media don take control and e better to embrace am than to dey form say you no go allow your pickin use am."

Tayo feel say pickins of today no dey like call, na so-so chat dem dey chat on top social media. For her, social media dey help her understand as her pickin dey reason.

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She say, "E better make you allow di pickin join social media or else di pickin go begin do hide-hide from di mama and papa."

Even though say her pickin dey Instagram, Tayo dey put eye well-well on top her page.

Other parents no wan use ear hear am

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Image example Folasade no wan make her pickin photo trend for internet like dis small boy own.

Privacy na di number one concern for Folasade Olayemi wey be mama of two small boys wey neva reach 13 years. Folasade feel say everybody get right to privacy and no be she go use her hand spoil dat right for her pickin.

She also get fear say social media fit expose her pickins to craze people wey fit kidnap her pickin or people wey go dey look dem with sex-sex for dia eyes.

Folasade wey be part-time teacher for Nigeria complain say social media dey distract small-small pickins well-well. She say sometimes, her students go dey use phone as she dey teach for class.

Folasade also no wan make her pickin become internet meme like Jake di Ghana pickin wey im picture spread everywhere for Internet last year.

Snapchat dey reign pass for small pickin dem

Di report find out say plenty young pickin dem dey run comot from Facebook, don begin dey join Snapchat.

For 2014, na 69% of 12 to 15-year-old pickins bin get social media profile and most of dem bin talk say dia main one na Facebook.

Dat figure don drop to 40% now.

E reach 90% of dem wey like YouTube wel-well as dem dey use am watch music videos and those wey dey show pranks and different kain challenge.

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