Cameroon: Anglophone matter make opposition party scatter Prime Minister speech

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Cameroon Parliament Palava

Kasala burst for Cameroon parliament today, as members of di opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) party no allow Prime Minister Philemon Yang speech to flow.

Di PM bin come di parliament to present di government action plan for 2018, but SDF members raise motion say make di house speaker, Honorable Cavayé Yéguié add Ambazonia matter to di agenda of di day.

But di speaker no gree add am to di agenda because di plenary sitting dey happen to discuss di budget for 2018.

Na dat one vex di SDF members dem, wey start to dey sing and say "dem no go gree."

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Image example Di opposition no like say dem no add Ambazonia matter for di agenda

BBC News Pidgin talk to Mainimo Etienne wey be journalist wit Di Post Newspaper wey see wetin happen, and im say even as dem dey sing, di Prime Minister still continue to dey make im speech.

Last week, gbege bin also happen for di parliament, as members of di ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) carry vex waka comot after SDF members say make dem do talk-talk about all di issues wey dey ground for di English-speaking regions for di country.

Wahala don dey ground for di English speaking regions for Cameroon since, di people dia talk say dem be like second class citizen for dia own country so dem wan comot.

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