Cameroon: Dem don kill two police officers

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Image example Di police officers bin dey carry out "routine patrol" when dem kill dem

Two police officers na im dem kill for di English-speaking region of Cameroon, as di wahala wey dey happen there continue.

Dis one go make am ten security people wey don die dis month of November. Another police officer and soldier wound for di attack.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary wey be government talk-talk person wey confam am, say "two police na im dem kill overnight for di border post for Southwest Region."

Im say na people for di English-speaking regions wey dey ginger say dem want dia own country, kill di officers.

Oga Bakary say group of police and soldiers bin dey carry out "routine checks and searches" for night, when di people wey carry gun surround dem, come kill dem.

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Why Southern Cameroon wan comot

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Image example Government say na people for di English-speaking regions wey want dia own country, dey kill di security people

One person wey no wetin dey happen, say di attack happen for Otu, wey be di same region where dem bin kill four soldiers on Wednesday.

Things don dey hot well-well for di English-speaking regions of Cameroon, as some people for di areas dey ginger say dem wan comot, go form dia own country.

Di English-speaking people wey be minority for Cameroon, dey accuse di French-speaking people wey plenty pass say dem no dey let better reach dia side.

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