World AIDS Day: 'Dis na wetin we dey do about am'

Women wey speak against HIV stigmatisation
Image example Itoro Usoro and Florida Uzoaru say make everybodi dey support those wey get HIV

"People wey get HIV na still full human being," na di message wey Nigerian businesswoman Itoro Usoro wan give everybodi on World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day dey happen on 1 December every year, since 1988. Dis na day wey everybodi for world dey come together to fight against HIV, di virus wey dey cause AIDS and support people wey get di virus.

BBC Pidgin ask people for social media say: Wetin you dey do to stop AIDS and di stigma around am?

Florida Uzoaru, wey get company wey dey help people do secret test-test for HIV say "wetin I dey do na on top prevention. I dey help people to try test. make e no reach where dem go say 'you get HIV', wey fit turn to AIDS."

As at 2016, na at least 36.7 million people for world dey live with HIV.

Ms Usoro still tell BBC Pidgin say one of di worst part of HIV na di way people dey laugh, or curse those wey get di virus.

"Make we understand say person wey get HIV never get AIDS. Make we stop to dey stigmatise against dem, wey be say we go dey call dem drug addict or ashewo. If you put yourself for person shoe, first hear dia story, you no go judge dem."

As for Uzoaru, she say na because information no dey, na im make many people dey run from others: "I dey use social media talk about am, so dat people no go fear. Person wey dey fear, dey stigmatise people."

Di best thing wey people fit do, according to Ms Usoro na say: "make we no silence person wey get sef wey get HIV make you no gree make anyone silence you. Because nothing do you. You be full human being."

United Nations too carry message

Michel Sidibé wey be di Executive Director of di United Nations agency on top AIDS (UNAIDS) say dis na day wey "we look back to remember our family members and friends dem wey don die from sicknesses wey AIDS don cause, and we suppose take time show we support for those wey dey live with HIV, or dem dey affected by am."

Meanwhile, UK sef dey put eye on top HIV; Prince Harry of Wales and im fiancée Meghan Markle suppose visit one World Aids Day charity fair later, as dia first official public engagement.

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