You go give your pickin another woman breast milk?

Woman wey carry pickin
Image example For South Africa, to dey donate breast milk don dey common

For Africa, where di highest number of orphans dey, one Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) for Nigeria dey try start breast milk bank to take give new-born motherless pickin wey need am, free of charge.

Dr Oscar Odiboh wey bi founder of Afribaby Inititiative follow BBC News Pidgin talk about how plans dey go for im organisation wey wan feed motherless pickin dem with breast milk wey other mothers don donate.

Im say many other countries like US and even South Africa dey do breast milk bank, and na one of di ways wey pickin wey dem born as premature and pickin wey no get mama again (motherless babies) go take use breast milk as food for di first 2 years of dia life.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), e dey very good to give only breast milk to pickin dem for di first six months of dia life so dat dem go get good health and grow well-well.

WHO believe say breast milk fit reduce infection for baby, especially for di pickin dem wey dem born as premature.

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Image example Afribaby Initiative dey organise programs to help mothers wey dey breastfeed

Wetin be breast milk bank

Breast milk bank na place wey dey collect and store human breast milk from women wey don donate am to dem.

Na di breast milk bank go make sure say di milk no get disease inside am, and dem go treat am well-well, come carry am put for inside freezer.

Breast milk dey important for pickin wey no get mama again or di mama no dey available. And also, pickin wey dem born as premature.

Di first human breast milk bank bin start for Vienna, Austria for 1909.

Di country wey get di most breast milk bank for di world na Brazil, wey get like 221. Africa countries like South Africa get pass 60, Cameroon get 6 and Cape Verde get 1.

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Image example Many women for Nigeria still need more education about importance of breastmilk for new-born pickin

Dr Oscar say dem don get some lab equipment for testing, wey dey very necessary to make di breast milk bank work, but "support from people dey slow maybe because of recession".

One way breast milk idea fit work na if teaching hospitals dem begin do am direct, as dem get many of di facilities already, but even then, hospitals go need to create new section for am and dis one go dey very difficult, im believe.

On top of dat one, government need create laws wey go make sure say things go well-well, but dem never chook mouth inside di matter.

"Di government no even dey think about am, dem no get any framework because if to say dem think am dem go don start am demsef", Dr Oscar talk.

But di big problem wey him and any other person wey wan start breast milk bank for place like Nigeria go get, na di society wey no get correct knowledge about breast milk and di trust wey dem no get for organisation and government say dem no go do mago-mago.

"Confidence no even dey for immunization... and for even blood transfusion, people dey afraid because dem no sure say dem don test am well."

Na so Mrs Habiba Abdulmalik wey be nurse for Abuja talk. She also say she no go wan give her breast milk for breast milk bank because dem fit begin take am do business.

Mrs Dele George, wey bi oga for Little Saints Orphanage, popular place for Lagos wey dey collect and take care of motherless pickins dem, talk say if breast milk bank start for Nigeria, she no go collect milk from dia give her pickin dem because she no get confidence say dem go don do things well.

Although Mrs George believe say Nigerians including am, go begin use breast milk banks if public awareness don dey and di people wey dey behind am dey follow di process well well.

Wetin women talk

When we ask some women about whether dem fit give dia baby milk from breast milk bank, Mrs Christiana, wey dey sell food say "I no fit do am... instead I go give my baby formula, because I no fit use another woman milk". Even though she say she no go mind to donate her breast milk for free to give another woman wey need am.

Image example Some Nigeria women believe say as long breast milk bank no do mago-mago, dem fit donate and use am

Mrs Doreen Ezeala, tell us about one time when she breastfeed her sister baby, as her sister don go work and she sef just born at that time. So for am, she no see anything wey dey wrong in am.

One businesswoman wey no wan make we mention her name, say she no go mind to give her pickin breast milk from another woman if her pickin need am. "Before-before for Nigeria, people no wan adopt pickin... in fact, I remember when I dey primary school e get one boy wey everybody know say dem adopt, and anytime wey e do something bad, students go abuse say na because say im be adopted pickin. But today, things don change and plenty people dey adopt."

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