Cameroon: Group say na dem kill soldiers for Mamfe

Soldiers wey carry coffin Image copyright REINNIER KAZE
Image example For di month of November, ten security people for Cameroon don die

Di defense wing of di group wey dey call demsef di 'Ambazonian Governing Council (AGC)' don confam say na dem carry out di operation for Tuesday evening for Mamfe town, wey kill four soldiers for Cameroon.

According to Reuters tori people, two leader from di AGC say na dem execute di operation.

Ben Kuah wey be di chairman of di defense part of di AGC tell one Reuters reporter for Dakar say, ''one of our main agenda be say, we wan clear all di checkpoints wey dey our road because dem be sign of di domination of di French-speaking region.''

Di defense section of di AGC don launch plenty attacks wey people die inside just as di presidential election dey draw near for 2018.

Dis AGC na small group before-before, but di strong way government dey use handle protesters don drive people join di group and dem don increase.

Ambazonia na di name di independence fighters dey call di country dem wan create after dem separate from Cameroon.

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Image example President Paul Biya say im go deal with attackers

On Thursday, President Paul Biya bin talk say im go deal with di attackers wey kill four soldiers and two policemen because dem be enemy of peace.

''Things don dey clear for everybody eye.'' President Paul Biya talk, as im just return from di European Union and African leaders meeting for Ivory Coast.

''Cameroon don enter palava of attack after attack,'' im still talk.

''But since dis attacks don enter our lane, I dey promise people for Cameroon say nothing no dey, wey we go no use finish dis criminals wey dey cause wahala.''

Biya no dey too talk about di wahala wey dey happen for di English-speaking areas of western Cameroon since e begin over one year ago.

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Image example Na four soldiers and four policemen don die

Di English-speaking minority dey complain say di French-speaking government dey treat dem anyhow.

Cameroon na West African country wey separate along two European languages since World War One wen Britain and France dey in charge of di former German colony.

Di two parts join together when Cameroon become independent country but di small English speaking part say na di big French-speaking part dey always chance dem.

Tight security and curfew dey di English-speaking areas of western Cameroon.

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Image example Na just two weeks ago explosions shake Bamenda, for di English Speaking part of Cameroon

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