Nigeria: New plan dey on top Boko Haram palava

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Image example Nigeria military still dey battle attacks from terrorist group Boko Haram since at least eight years

Governor for one northeast Nigeria state wey Boko Haram don attack well-well say new plan dey to pack people enter big-big towns for dia own protection.

Na Kashim Shettima, di governor of Borno state, dey tell Reuters say e no dey possible again for people to dey live inside small villages, after di terrorist group don attack di region for eight years.

Dem report say part of wetin dey bring dis Oga Shettima plan na say na nearly two million people across di northeast no fit return to dia house wey dey village area.

"If people plenty, dem go dey secure. So our target na to gather all di people inside five major urban settlements and give dem work to take chop, education, healthcare and of course security," na wetin Shettima tell Reuters.

Di governor say dis no be something wey go happen quick-quick, but di plan na to start with di town of Bama, then if e make sense, dem go carry am do for oda parts of Borno.

Area people wey dey do security work before to protect dia neighbourhood go join hand with Nigeria security forces, to dey protect like 5km around each town, so dat people go fit farm.

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Image example This na wetin remain after Boko Haram attack for Dalori Village for Maiduguri,Nigeria

Different mind na im people get for dis matter

Dis plan wey never begin na to bring thousands of people wey run from Bama and di area around am, but tori be say e never clear where those wey gree return go carry head put. bringing back thousands of people who fled the town of Bama and the surrounding area and sought refuge in camps in Maiduguri and elsewhere.

Peter Lundberg, wey be di United Nations Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria, say because Bama na di second biggest town for Borno, di plan fit make sense.

Dis na because "people go like go back if everything dey alright and dem dey safe, and of course e no suppose be by force," na wetin im tell Reuters.

But di people wey dis fight-fight don affect get anoda mind on top dis matter.

Abubakar Goni, wey run for im life enter Borno state capital wey be Maiduguri, say "I go support am as long as I get place to farm. I also happy to hear say di government go protect us for farm, because I hear say Boko Haram men sill dey around."

Others, like Tijja Modu Alhaji, say quarel fit start between di old and new people for di town.

"I no wan stay for Bama because I go be stranger there, just as I be (stranger) for Maiduguri now. I wan go home, not to anoda person dia land."

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